My name is Zek, I am 41 years old and I started Tattooing in 2004. Facinated with tattoos since early age I got totally astonished when I discovered Horimono (Japanese Style Full Body Tattoos) getting myself a full bodysuit in Sao Paulo by Master Ivan Szazi.
In 2007 I opened Gaku Shop in China Town Bs.As Argentina, where I started doing exclusivly Japanese style Tattooing. Because of the name of the shop, I sign as Horigaku (in reference of the name of Japanese Tattoo background).
In september 2013, I started a new proyect called Kotobuki Tattoo, a private tattoo studio which I share with my wife Fernanda Mariano as my apprentice.
Actually I am studing  Tebori (Traditional Japanese Handpoked Tattoo Method) in Japan by the tutelage of Asakusa Horikazu Sensei.
I want to say thanks to all my Friends and Family and everyone who got Tattooed in these last years!!! Please feel free to contact me anytime. Best Regards, Zek.